Organizing and Fostering California Community College Activism

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The second resolved clause is an ongoing aspect of the Academic Senate's work, as the Senate regularly combines efforts with groups such as the Chancellor's Office staff, the Board of Governors, ICAS, FACCC, and others though published letters or statements, legislative days, and lobbying activities. The first resolved clause has been addressed through Rostrum articles such as "Beyond the Classroom: Fostering Local and Statewide Engagement in Our Faculty" by Kim Harrell and Cynthia Napoli-Abella Reiss in June 2013 and will be further addressed through the creation of a legislative section to the ASCCC website in 2013-14.

Whereas, The current political climate has directed attacks on public education and the California community colleges in such forms as cuts in funding and unsubstantiated reform efforts;

Whereas, The academic and professional work of the California community colleges is directly and significantly impacted by legislative actions and efforts; and

Whereas, California community college faculty, students and staff need the capacity, direction, and skills to counter attacks and advocate for California community colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges present information on practices to mobilize students, faculty, and staff toward activism around political issues facing the California community colleges; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with other statewide groups to lead a public campaign for California community colleges.

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