Part-time Faculty Categorical Funds

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Budget and Finance
Status Report

The Senate was strong in its opposition to de-categorization of part-time equity funds in all venues. This resolution has been completed.

Whereas, In 2001 legislation was passed and ongoing categorical funding set aside to reduce the inequities between full-time and part-time faculty compensation by providing additional funding to districts exclusively to enhance part-time faculty salaries;

Whereas, In support of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors' Policy on Comparable Pay for Comparable Work, the 2001-2002 California Budget stated, "The funds in Schedule (16) of this item shall be allocated solely to increase compensation for part-time faculty from the amounts previously authorized" and "These funds are to be used to assist districts in making part-time faculty salaries more comparable to full-time salaries for similar work, as determined by each district's local collective bargaining unit";

Whereas, AB 3099 (1996), AB 301 (1997) and AB 420 (1999) were passed to provide partial funding for part-time faculty health benefits and office hours to encourage districts to be responsible employers of their part-time faculty; and

Whereas, The Governor's January 2004-05 Budget proposes to redirect the total funding of these categorical programs to become available to districts as general purpose allocation;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Board of Governors to continue to fully support its policy of Comparable Pay for Comparable Work and the goals of Assembly Bills 3099 (1996), 301 (1997) and 420 (1999);

Resolved, That Academic Senate for California Community Colleges honor the dedication and importance of California community college part-time faculty and urge the Legislature and the Governor to assure that the allocations for part-time equity continue to be categorically dedicated to the purposes for which they were intended, augmented as needed and fully protected by strong accountability structures; and

Resolved, That Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates to support the appropriate allocation of these categorical funds for part-time equity.