Part-Time Faculty Participation

Resolution Number
Area D
Assigned to
Local Senates

Whereas, according to the Chancellor's recent "Study on Part-Time Instruction," six of ten California Community College faculty members teach part-time (less than 60 percent load) and teach one-third of all college class hours, and

Whereas the primary function of the academic senate is, as the representative of the faculty, to make recommendations to administration and to local governing boards with respect to academic and professional matters (Title 5), and

Whereas many part-time faculty are leaders in their fields and in the community, dedicated to their college, profession, and students, and have much to offer as members of their local senates, and

Whereas under Title 5 there is provision for the membership of part-time faculty on academic senates, and

Whereas at the 1975 Fall Conference a resolution directed the Executive Committee to inform all local senates that part-time instructors could become members of those bodies, and

Whereas there are still many colleges which either do not provide for membership of part-time instructors on their senates or which have such provision but do not have senate members representing the part-time faculty,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its position that all local senates should provide for membership of part-time faculty, and encourage senates to take an active role in seeking participation of qualified part-time faculty.