Partnership for Excellence

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Budget and Finance

Whereas Partnership for Excellence (PFE) has been under way within the California Community College System for more than a year, and

Whereas the focus of PFE is student success, and

Whereas colleges in the California Community College System would benefit from a mutual sharing of innovative projects funded by PFE, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has already published several papers that address strategies for student success,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to establish a mechanism for the sharing of projects funded by Partnership for Excellence throughout the state, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate publicize existing Academic Senate papers and resources that highlight best practices for promoting student success, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate update these publications on a regular basis.

Status Report: 

No new projects were reported this year and in the light of funding reductions many ongoing projects were in difficulty. Previous projects have been successfully shared at session breakouts. Given the slow demise of PFE, this goal should be considered complete.