Partnership for Excellence Level of Funding and Accountability

Resolution Number
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Budget and Finance
Status Report

The Partnership for Excellence program and funding have been discontinued.

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence was envisioned as a substantial infusion of state funds in exchange for progress on increased student achievement on selected measures, and the legislation specified that the Partnership was to be "an investment to supplement funding for enrollment growth and cost-of-living adjustments," and

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence was to have been funded over seven years in successive $100 million increments with each year's allotment becoming part of the subsequent year's overall increase in the base funding of California community colleges, and

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence has not been recommended by the Governor for full funding for the 1999-2000 budget and other state agencies (including the Legislative Analyst's Office, Department of Finance and the California Postsecondary Education Commission) have indicated that the system should be held to the goals without any additional funding, and

Whereas neither growth nor COLA has been funded at the amount requested by the system,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges urge the Chancellor and the Board of Governors to ensure that any obligation to achieve system goals be reduced in proportion to actual state investment in the Partnership for Excellence.