Position on Master Plan Recommendations 34 through 34.5

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State and Legislative Issues
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ASCCC opposed SB 6 (2004) which initially contained these recommendations. Note: the recommendations were not included in the final version of the approved bill.

Whereas, The Master Plan Recommendations 34-34.5, which include the proposal that "The California Community Colleges should be reconstituted as a public trust.," contain elements that have been supported by past Academic Senate resolutions;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate support Recommendations 34-34.5 to the extent that they propose making the California Community College System a full partner in the California postsecondary system of education, with the implication that this change would involve the achievement of equitable funding for the community colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate engage in the system wide discussions of Recommendations 34-34.5 concerning the composition and responsibilities of the Board of Governors, the responsibilities of local boards of trustees, and the need for a study of the possible restructuring of local districts; keep the field updated as these discussions progress; and offer a workshop to develop the definitive Senate positions on these issue sat the Spring 2003 Plenary Session; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work to ensure that shared governance, collegial consultation, and the primary responsibility of local academic senates for academic and professional matters be protected by statute and regulation within any governance changes promulgated by the Legislature. MSCDisposition:Board of Governors, Chancellor's Office, Local Senates