Preparing Faculty for Service on Academic Senate Committees

Resolution Number
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Faculty Leadership Development Committee
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Status Report

Included in the Local Senate's Handbook.

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has difficulty recruiting faculty statewide for involvement in Academic Senate committees and leadership positions due to a general lack of knowledge of the work of these committees;

Whereas, The work of various committees is specialized, and each committee has its own unique areas of responsibility that may not be apparent to those faculty who may be interested in participating;

Whereas, The Academic Senate may have more success in increasing the pool of faculty for Academic Senate service if training on the unique areas of these Academic Senate committees were provided on an annual basis; and

Whereas, Each new member of the various Academic Senate committees, in order to be an effective participant as soon as possible, must have some familiarity with background material on the purpose, subject, and processes of the committee;

Resolved, That Academic Senate for California Community Colleges provide training for faculty potentially interested in participating in various statewide committees through various means such as training programs or sessions and produce a white paper on best practices for the recruitment and training of faculty to serve on Academic Senate committees and in leadership roles.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates