Probationary Faculty Involvement in Academic Senates

Resolution Number
Scott Lukas
Assigned to
Local Senates
Status Report

Local Senates Committee discussed this topic during the Faculty Leadership Institute.It is recommended that this topic be fully developed for a future breakout.Found Not Feasible at this time, the regional workshops were determined not feasible.

Whereas, Probationary faculty are important to the success of their colleges and their local academic senates; and

Whereas, Probationary faculty may experience resistance from administrators regarding participation in local academic senate activities;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local districts, college presidents and local senate presidents to encourage and support the participation of probationary faculty in their local academic senates while ensuring protection of their academic freedom;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate hold a breakout at the Spring 2002 Plenary Session on the topic of probationary faculty and local academic senates; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate consider holding one-day regional probationary faculty workshops on the topic of the participation of faculty in local academic senates.