Professional Development and Training

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Faculty Leadership Development Committee
Professional Standards
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Update 6/25/2015: Currently working with CCCCO Student Success Center as well as Professional Development Clearinghouse to provide significant resources to faculty, as well as staff and administrators. Deem complete, with the idea of the need for consistent professional development training for faculty should be an ongoing concern of the ASCCC.

Whereas, The Student Success Task Force Recommendation 6.1 calls for the creation of a continuum of strategic professional development opportunities and affirms the need for faculty professional development1;

Whereas, Faculty need ongoing professional development and training that is extensive and on-going with an instructional design focus as well as training that facilitates other aspects of community college faculty roles;

Whereas, Many if not all faculty contracts provide for sabbatical opportunities that if coordinated with an ongoing professional development plan would provide excellent opportunities to engage in capstone type activities leading to increased ability, value to the community and opportunities for promotion; and

Whereas, The Chancellor’s Office Professional Development Committee has created recommendations to support professional development that affirm the role of the Academic Senate in all academic and professional matters;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to assist colleges in creating professional development programs and sabbatical opportunities for faculty that provide coordinated pathways using a variety of methods to enhance the skills of faculty as master teachers and support full engagement in all academic and professional matters.


1. Recommendation 6.1 does not make it mandatory, there are local mandates though depending on what is negotiated.