Program Prerequisite Title 5 Change

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Whereas Resolution 9.05 S 96 called for the Academic Senate to work with the Chancellor's Office in facilitating the approval of program prerequisites;

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Board of Governors the following addition (underlined) to Title 5 Section 55201.
(c.) Prerequisites or co-requisites may be established only for any of the following purposes: (#5 added to #1-4 already in Title 5)
(5) for approved degree and certificate programs, the prerequisite is established as a standard prerequisite to the program by applying the standards and procedures of this Article at a minimum of five (5) community colleges and so may be used without further scrutiny as a prerequisite to such programs at other community colleges upon written notification to the Chancellor's Office.

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Chancellor that this subject be declared an academic and professional matter for the purposes of developing guidelines for implementation of this regulation change.

Status Report: 

Bill Scroggins gave a breakout at the Spring, 1999 session on "Bad Pre-requisite Practice" and also participated in a technical assistance workshop to the Los Angeles Community College District faculty involved in curriculum, articulation, and counseling.