Property Tax Shortfall

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Budget & Finance Operational Committee
Budget and Finance

Whereas K-l2 has a mechanism to supplement shortfalls from property tax, and

Whereas community colleges have an inequitable fiscal burden as a result of property tax shortfalls, and

Whereas at the request of California Community Colleges, Assembly member Jack O'Connell has introduced AB 3474 which will require the State of California to automatically increase the general fund allocation to community colleges corresponding to any shortfalls in property taxes, and

Whereas California Community Colleges, as a result of property tax shortfalls, have lost more than $150 million in the last three years,

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the concepts in AB 3474 as of April 7, 1994 proposed by Assembly member Jack O'Connell to increase general fund allocations to California Community Colleges lost through continuing property tax shortfall.