Protection of Educational Discourse and Diverse Perspectives

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General Concerns

Whereas, One of the central roles of institutions of higher education is to provide educational contexts in which students can responsibly develop their capacities for critical thinking and dispassionate analysis and in which the interplay of diverse perspectives and experiences is a valued feature of an engaged educational community;

Whereas, In the current historical period, faculty and students have experienced increasing political interference in the educational process, including attempts to preclude full discussion of controversial topics and even the reading and discussion of particular books;

Whereas, Such incursions create a chilled climate in which faculty, staff, and students may avoid scholarly exploration of difficult topics and pressing social issues; and

Whereas, California community colleges represent a vital resource in their communities in providing opportunities and safe spaces for truly democratic and civil discourse addressing the issues of the day;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm resolution 13.01 F01;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local academic senates to continue to work to: promote campus climates of tolerance for all points of view; create educational communities that model and promote civil discourse; protect the right of faculty and students to freely explore ideas without political restriction; provide a safe place for inquiry and discussion of controversial issues; and model the responsible exercise of academic freedom; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local senates to work with local trustees and their state organization to ensure an appropriate buffer to the intense political forces that can otherwise overwhelm our educational institutions and eclipseresponsible dialogue and the essential academic freedom of faculty and students in the teaching and learning process. MSC Disposition: CCCT, Local Senates

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We have certainly addressed it many times.