Providing Part-time Faculty with Adequate Resources and Support

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I am not sure this is ever done, but we have tried to address it.  Maybe it is in progress or ongoing?

Whereas, Community college budgets have been cut and resources and support limited for all faculty;

Whereas, Part-time faculty are particularly vulnerable to resource and support cuts since they have limited presence on campuses and often limited political power to protect and maintain an adequate level of resources and support; and

Whereas, Colleges and districts have a duty to protect academic integrity by maintaining the resources and support that all faculty, both full- and part-time, need to be effective educators;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with its educational partners to advocate for a level of resources and support for part-time faculty that can maintain an adequate teaching environment for them and learning environment for our community college students.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates, CoFO