Provisionally SupportSB 291 (Leyva, as of March 1, 2019)

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A provisional support letter was submitted on May 6, 2019. 

Whereas, As of 2017, approximately 46 percent of California Community Collegesstudents receive need-based financial aid, compared to about two-thirds of resident undergraduate students enrolled in the University of California and the California State University systems [1];

Whereas, Many state and federal student aid programs are structured to help full-time students and thereforedo not benefit community college students who attend college part time,and student aid in the California Community Colleges is conventionally overseen by the Student Aid Commission;

Whereas, Research conducted by the Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) has determined that, after factoring in financial aid, the net cost of college is actually more expensive for California Community Colleges students than for their counterparts at the University of California or California State University in seven of the nine regionsstudiedand that in none of the nine regions was the community college found to be the least expensive option [2]; and

Whereas, Senate Bill 291 (Leyva, as of March1,2019), “would establish the California Community College Student Financial Aid Program, to provide need-based grant awards to eligible community college students who attend an eligible California community college, as specified. Subject to an appropriation by the Legislature, the bill specifies that the program shall be administered by the Board of Governors of the CaliforniaCommunity Colleges and implemented by the eligible California community colleges”;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Collegessupport SB 291 (Leyva, as of March1,2019) if the bill is amended so that financial oversight of thenew financial aid in the bill is providedby the Student Aid Commissionand communicate that support to the legislature and other constituents as appropriate.


1. The 2016-2017 Budget: Higher Education Analysis. California Legislative Analyst’s Office.
2. On the Verge: Costs and Tradeoffs Facing Community College Students. The Institute for College Access and Success, 2016.