Public Awareness Campaign in Support of Academic Freedom and Collegial Peer Review

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Whereas, Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, and her mentor, Texas businessman Charles Miller, are actively pursuing a federal takeover of accreditation with the eventual goal of imposing a standardized curriculum that is designed by political/business opportunists from outside of academe;

Whereas, Some of the public may be persuaded that such standardization is in the best interest of American higher education and the students we serve;

Whereas, Academe's outrage over ongoing efforts to control course content, do away with tenure, and collect data on the achievement of students and faculty is often expressed only to those who are, in the vernacular, the choir; and

Whereas, Most of America's colleges and universities do not have their consultation rights enshrined in law and, thus, look to California and such organizations as the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) for inspiration;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, as the largest post-secondary organization of educators in the world, direct its considerable talent and resources to creating and sustaining a public education campaign to help people outside of academe to understand how efforts to standardize education and to eliminate regional accreditation are an egregious assault on the American educational system and academic freedom. MSC Disposition: ICAS, Local Senates

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Not sure we ever really did this. Not sure it is feasible.