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Standards and Practices Committee also worked on this; Public Information tasks are addressed by the Senate President.

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has adopted a resolution calling for its Executive Committee to document the success of the California community colleges (5.8 F00);

Whereas, The Board of Governors, through the Chancellor's Office, is commencing in 2001-2002 a statewide marketing campaign to raise public awareness of the California community colleges and their essential role in the social and economic well-being of the state; and

Whereas, The Board of Governors' campaign will focus on the California Community College System rather than on the accomplishments of individual colleges and districts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm its resolution calling for the documentation of the successes of California community colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate establish for this purpose a Task Force on Public Information; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate Task Force on Public Information be charged with publicizing the achievements of local community colleges and districts in local, statewide, and national media.