Quality Library Services for Student Success

Resolution Number
Allen Boyer
Assigned to
Professional Standards

Whereas library faculty were initially excluded from the 75/25 ratio and are now included through 1993-94, and

Whereas the inclusion of library faculty in the full-time/part-time ratio sunsets on July 1, 1994, unless a later-adopted regulation deletes or extends this date, and

Whereas state standards for numbers of library faculty in California Community College's library/learning resource programs are elements of Program Based Funding (PBF) categories (i.e. Credit Instructional Services, Title 5, 58722 and 58724) effective July, 1991, and

Whereas data collected in the Chancellor's Office "Annual Data Survey" shows that the numbers of FTE library faculty is less than PBF minimum standards for community college library faculty, and

Whereas library and research instruction empowers students to succeed, and

Whereas student success can be achieved by having more full-time library faculty available to serve students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reaffirm its recommendation that librarians continue to be included in the 75/25 ratio and that the sunset language be deleted, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request the Chancellor's Office to compile and publish the "Library and Learning Resources Program Annual Data Survey," beginning with the personnel statistics component, by March, 1994. M/S/C DISPOSITION: Board of Governors, Legislature, CCLC, FACCC, COFO, California Library Association