Raising English and Mathematics AA/AS Requirements

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Curriculum Committee
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The BasicSkills Committee defers to the Curriculum Committee on this resolution. The Curriculum Committee sponsored twocolloquia, in both halves of the state, conducted research, hosted Plenarybreakouts and drafted a white paper on the topic. A Senate re

Whereas, Resolutions 9.04R F02, 9.05R F02 and 9.06R F02 referred to the Executive Committee the issue of whether to recommend changing Title 5 Regulations (55805.5, Paragraph (c)) to raise the level of minimum requirements for the associate's degree in English and mathematics;

Whereas, Resolution 9.01 S03 urged "local senates to engage their campuses in a full discussion of possible options and approaches for addressing the level of English and mathematics courses required for graduation, as well as discussion of advantages, disadvantages and consequences of any such changes";

Whereas, Breakouts about what level of English and mathematics courses should be required for the associate's degree have been held at the two previous plenary sessions (Fall 2002 and Spring 2003); and

Whereas, Resolution 9.01 S03 calls for the Academic Senate to complete a paper for the Spring 2004 Plenary Session on the topic of raising Title 5 associate degree requirements for English and mathematics, and Academic Senate standing committees are gathering information for this paper;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges present our position about whether to recommend to the Board of Governors revisions in Title 5 that would change minimum graduation requirements in English and mathematics for the associate of arts and associate of science degrees no later than at the Fall 2004 Plenary Session; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt no position on English and mathematics degree requirements until its Executive Committee provides a recommendation on such a change to the plenary body on such a change.