Reaffirm Affirmative Action and Cultural Diversity Resolutions

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Equity and Diversity

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its support for its many affirmative action and diversity resolutions asking for
a. intern programs to encourage more diverse faculty to enter the community college teaching profession;
b. diverse faculty representation on local senates, including local senate committees and task forces;
c. diverse faculty serving as coordinators, directors, and chairs at community colleges; and
d. staff diversity funding to promote hiring and upward mobility among diverse faculty; and

Resolved that the Academic Senate send local senate presidents a packet including all past Academic Senate resolutions and papers related to affirmative action and diversity, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local senates to apply standards of affirmative action and diversity when they make appointments to committees, when they are involved in the selection of department chairs, when they have control over reassigned time for important work on campus, and when they select instructional interns from four-year colleges.

Status Report: 

This issue is included in the talking points & new Handout for local senate visits. The committee will to talk to EDAC chair about strategies to share with local senates.