Reaffirming Career Ladders

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Vocational Education Committee
Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Status Report

Breakout at the 2009 Voc Leadership Institute. Strong ASCCC leadership of SB70 actitivites, including email communications to local academic senate presidents encouraging involvement of CTE faculty in SB70 activities. ASCCC appointment of faculty members to action plan groups (APGs) for the System Strategic Plan.

Whereas, The Career Ladders Project for the California Community Colleges is designed to research and create an action plan to further the role of community colleges in providing career access and advancement opportunities for Californians;

Whereas, There is an emerging consensus among business, educational, and political leaders in California and nationally that occupational-sector-based "career ladders" provide the best means for students to secure employment that provides a living-wage and the opportunity for future advancement;

Whereas, One of the stated purposes of Goal C of the Strategic Plan for California Community Colleges is to "Create links between academic and career fields to provide clearly defined career pathways that encourage and support a lifetime of educational career opportunities"; and

Whereas, Despite the recognized value of this approach, local colleges may not always develop curriculum with students' career pathways in mind and support and funding for career pathways may not be adequate;

MSC Disposition: System Office, Local Senates