Real Cost of Education

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Budget and Finance
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Message carried forth in Consultation, in Rostrum articles. Have posted document on our website foreasy referral.

Whereas, the Academic Senate participated in and significantly contributed to the development of the "Real Cost of Education" report (file attached);

Whereas, The Board of Governors adopted in March 2003 the preliminary draft of the "Real Cost of Education" as both a realistic vision of equitable funding and a reasonable statement of the actual fiscal costs associated with the provision of a high quality lower division education in the California community colleges; and

Whereas, The Consultation Council has recently and overwhelmingly endorsed the Real Cost of Education concepts as the foundation for discussion of the System's 2004-05 budget proposals and for use as a tool to educate the public, legislators, the Governor, and his administrative staff;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
support ongoing use of the "Real Cost of Education" report,
promote the fundamental assumptions of equitable funding for high quality education that form the basis of the document,
promote its concepts, findings, and recommendations in local and statewide discussions with the aim of significantly improving funding for the California Community College system, and
urge local academic senates to be familiar with and to similarly promote this document as they work with constituent groups deliberating their own local budget needs, allocations, and college priorities.