Reassigned Time for Faculty Leadership Responsibilities

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Local Senates

Whereas, The number of faculty members in the profession has increased considerably, but the proportion of full-time tenure-track faculty has decreased;

Whereas, The increased use of part-time faculty has added to the workload of full-time faculty;

Whereas, Most full-time faculty who have assumed additional responsibilities in operational, coordinating, and governance roles have inadequate or no reassigned time; and

Whereas, Formal and informal leadership by faculty is critical to the overall success of higher education and the effective operation of educational departments and programs;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm Resolutions 12.01 F93, 2.02 F98, 6.06 F00, 17.01F00 and work to secure support in the form of reassigned time for faculty leadership responsibilities; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge trustees and college presidents in the California community colleges to provide more financial support for faculty leadership vital to the functioning of the colleges and allocate adequate reassigned time for specific operational and governance assignments, including faculty division and department chairs, program coordinators, and committee chairs as well as for officers and representatives of local academic senates. MSCDisposition: CCCT, CCCCEO, Local Senates

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This message is carried forward to local senates by the Relations with Local Senates Committee and Executive Committee.

We have done this many times, most recently in the Sacred Cows discussions.