Reassigned Time for Senates

Resolution Number
Barbara Sawyer
Assigned to
Local Senates
Status Report

Standing Resolution. In coordination with President, Executive Director and Budget Committee, extend support for participation through scholarships and discussions with local administrations.

Whereas sound academic deliberation and development of curriculum, educational programs, and educational policy are among the central tasks of an institution of higher education, and

Whereas Title 5 provides for the establishment of local academic senates to carry out these duties, and

Whereas local senate presidents and members are called upon to perform multiple duties outside of the classroom and outside of normal working hours in service to students and faculty needs, and

Whereas many local senate officers and members receive inadequate or no reassigned time in which to perform these duties,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge colleges and districts to provide adequate reassigned time for local senate presidents, local senate officers, and local senate task force members, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate pursue changes in law and regulation to recognize that reassigned time for faculty is an essential resource to be made available to local academic senates to support their statutory and regulatory role in district and college governance, and

Resolved that where part-time faculty serve as local senate officers appropriate, equivalent compensation will be provided, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate seek appropriate means to provide funding to colleges and districts to finance adequate reassigned time for local academic senates.