Redirection of Unused Growth Funding for Faculty and Staff Development

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Budget and Finance

Whereas, Policies for faculty professional development activities is an academic and professional matter of local academic senates, as stated in 53200 of Title 5;

Whereas, The funding for faculty and staff development has been removed from the community college state budget for the last four years; and

Whereas, Faculty development is a critical component to assist faculty in staying current in their disciplines, which helps to promote student success;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges strongly encourage the Board of Governors and the Legislature to redirect a portion of unused growth funds to fund faculty and staff development.MSC Disposition: Board of Governors, Consultation Council, Local Senates

Status Report: 

The Consultation Council Representatives continue to advocate for staff development funding. This year the Governor added a one-time $5 million allocation for professional development to the 2006-2007 budget. While these funds were one-time dollars, the Consultation Council Representatives will continue to stress the importance of staff development.

This is pretty dated.  I do not think it applies anymore.