Regular Personal Contact

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Whereas there is a need for delivering instruction in alternative formats particularly through technology mediated instruction, and

Whereas the language of the Title 5 definition for regular personal contact for distance education transferable courses is restrictive, and

Whereas there is an ongoing challenge to increase access for students with a variety of learning styles,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Board of Governors that the authorized examples of regular personal contact (effective instructor-student contact) be amended to include technological tools allowing the following forms of personal interaction: e-mail, chat rooms, videoconferencing, and telephone, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senate (ICAS) to address the Technology Mediated Instruction (TMI) issue of defining regular personal contact (effective instruction student contact) for distance education.

Status Report: 

Title 5 Regulations were changed Spring 1998. The 'effective contact' standard has been formally accepted by CSU and informally accepted by UC.