Resolution Opposing Carl D. Perkins Funding Cuts

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Career Technical Education

Whereas, The United States has been in a prolonged economic crisis resulting in record unemployment, and despite this record unemployment, a serious shortage of skilled technical workers exists, a shortage that will increase over the coming years as older workers retire;

Whereas, Numerous studies show the areas of greatest job growth over the next decade are jobs requiring two-year technical degrees and certificates;

Whereas, Educational institutions that provide in-demand technical training rely heavily on Perkins funding to buy the equipment and supplies that allow them to offer up to date innovative technical training; and

Whereas, The 2011 federal budget cut Perkins funding by 11% and Congress is proposing further cuts of 20% in the 2012 budget;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose any cuts to federal Carl D. Perkins funding in the 2012 federal budget.