Resources for Leadership Training

Resolution Number: 
Academic Senate

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has several resolutions directing it to provide leadership development opportunities for faculty;

Whereas, Colleges have hired many new faculty recently, and new people are assuming leadership positions with limited knowledge and understanding of the Academic Senate and the roles that faculty play in collegial governance;

Whereas, With the many cuts to faculty professional development funds, not all faculty can travel to the training institutes and plenary sessions that are offered by the Academic Senate; and

Whereas, In the last ten years there have been significant changes in Distance Education through online delivery such that it is now within the means of the Academic Senate to develop some learning modules which would assist in meeting the objectives of the previously mentioned directives;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges explore the development of additional resources and delivery methods for leadership training.MSC Disposition: Local Senates

Explore the development of additional resources and delivery methods for leadership training.
Work with Faculty Development Committee Continue discussion at exec about posting presentations and exploring other ways to deliver training. CCC Confer/@ ONE is being explored as a vehicle for the delivery of System training; continue to work with these respective organizations to develop capabilities. (Possibly develop an effective senates webinar.)
Status Report: 

Presenters at many of the ASCCC institutes and sessions provided resources that are accessible from the ASCCC website in the form of papers, handouts, powerpoint presentations and other materials. The Committee also developed some tools for local leadership development such as the ASCCC/CCLC Scenarios interactive powerpoint that can be used by any local presenter. Additionally the Committee developed a formal presentation for New Delegates that can be used by future committees to train new ASCCC delegates.