Review and Reform of Curriculum and Instruction Regulations

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John Freitas
Assigned to
Curriculum Committee
In Progress
Status Report

Title 5 changes are being handled at 5C. 2017 - 18: The Committe chair will provide an update on the progress of this resolutions to inform the field.

Whereas, Efforts such as the Basic Skills Initiative and the Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy have identified the need for colleges to redesign curriculum to more effectively serve their students and increase the numbers of students who successfully complete their educational goals;

Whereas, Over time the regulations specified in Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 6 of the California Code of Regulations, which deal with curriculum and instruction, have become an increasingly complex and in some cases contradictory set of regulations that are difficult for California community college faculty to navigate in their attempts to develop innovative curriculum designed to improve student success; and

Whereas, Resolution 7.02 F09 called for “(t)he Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to work with the Consultation Council to identify regulations that are universally problematic and bring those regulations back to the body for further consideration”;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office and system partners to review California Code of Regulations Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 6 and other associated regulations regarding curriculum and instruction for the purpose of identifying any regulatory changes needed to optimize flexibility for curriculum innovation.