Revising Best Practices Model Publications

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Assigned to
Relations with Local Senates Committee
Local Senates
Status Report

Completed by 2002-2003 Local Senates Committee.

Whereas one constitutional aim of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is to strengthen local academic senates in the fulfillment of their primary responsibility for recommendations to local governing boards on academic and professional matters, and

Whereas one stated function of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is to provide statewide communication between local academic senates in order to coordinate the actions and requests of the faculty of the California community colleges, and

Whereas all California community colleges and districts should aspire to rise to the level of "best practices" for enabling the rights of local academic senates to collegial consultation with local boards and the rights of individual faculty, staff, and students to participate effectively in college governance systems, and

Whereas there is, or can be, tremendous disparity among California's community colleges and districts in the practices of collegial consultation between local academic senates and local governing boards and in the practices enabling effective participation in governance by individual faculty, staff, and students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate review, update, and revise its 1997 publication "Roles and Responsibilities of and Strategies for an Effective Senate," and

Resolved that the Academic Senate ensure that the revision distinguish between practices for local senates to enable collegial consultation and practices for individual faculty to enable effective participation in college governance systems.