Secure Funding to Develop C-ID Course Descriptors for College Preparation Courses

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C-ID Leadership
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Status Report

2017 - 18: C-ID Leadership will determine, in collaboration with nursing faculty, how to address this resolution.

Whereas, Statewide efforts are currently underway to align and integrate instruction for college preparation, including credit basic skills, noncredit basic skills, adult education, regional occupational programs, and both public and private K-12 education;

Whereas, The various approaches to college preparation lead to inconsistent expectations and standards across these systems, often causing incoming college students to be placed in lower levels before embarking on transfer-level study;

Whereas, Course Identification Numbering (C-ID) System course descriptors establish broad minimum expectations for a course and define the expectations for student achievement and success, and thus developing C-ID descriptors for the top pre-transfer level courses would provide a means for these systems to voluntarily adopt common curricular expectations for students entering into college; and

Whereas, The California Community College System and the State of California have not allocated sufficient resources to coordinate and support the efforts required to develop C-ID descriptors for pre-transfer level basic skills education;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with college preparation stakeholders to secure funding for the development, submission, and review of C-ID course descriptors for levels below transfer in order to establish consistent curricular expectations and pathways for California’s pre-transfer level students.