Senate Speakers

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Local Senates

Whereas there is an increasing call at all levels for faculty to become more involved in the governance of community colleges, and

Whereas a greater involvement in governance means more work for community college faculty, who generally find themselves already very busy with the responsibilities of teaching and working with students, and

Whereas numbers of full-time faculty members are diminishing at many community colleges, and

Whereas some faculty have never worked at a college which assigned them a meaningful role in governance, and

Whereas aging faculty on some campuses have grown dispirited after years of carrying more than their share of governance duties, and

Whereas it is to the advantage of everyone to involve all community college faculty more fully in the governance of their institutions,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to compile a list of senate speakers who will, on request, visit campuses to assist local senate leaders in explaining to the faculty their rightful and responsible role in the governance of their colleges.