Staff Development Funding

Resolution Number
Bud Hannan
Assigned to
Faculty Development

Whereas AB1725 has added $5 million in staff development funding to our community colleges, and

Whereas the AS/CIO ACR-39 study recommended that staff development funding be raised to 2% of general fund budgets plus another 1/2% on a local 1:1 matching basis, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office is currently conducting several studies concerning the eventual role of the Chancellor's Office in statewide staff development, and

Whereas several statewide staff development activities have been funded initially by the Fund for Instructional Improvement but then left to seek a new financial home when they were no longer "innovative" - just effective - "Across the Curriculum" Projects, LARC, Honors Network, Educational Leadership Colloquia, Instructional Skills Workshops, Institute for Instructional Improvement and Innovation,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges endorse the continuation the Office of Faculty and Staff Development at the Chancellor's Office, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community College recommend to the Chancellor that a percentage of the annual allocation for staff development be retained for that office to support and develop proven statewide projects, and

Resolved that the amount of this percentage should in no case diminish the 1989-90 college allocation or exceed 10% of the total allocation, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate and the Chief Instructional Officers have the primary role in advising the Office of Faculty and Staff Development, under the auspices of the Joint Instructional Council [i.e., Chancellor's Office Consultation process] in the disbursement of state-wide staff development funding, and

Resolved that these funds be used to continue the support for proven staff development projects and field representatives who can assist local college programs.