Standing Committee Name Change - Affirmative Action Committee

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Academic Senate

Whereas the Affirmative Action Committee has engaged in continuous research, study and implementation of AB 1725 as it relates to affirmative action in the community colleges, and

Whereas the scope of endeavors of the Affirmative Action Committee needs to be encouraged, improved and extended, and

Whereas cultural diversity planning, implementation and recognition is an integral part of the success of any affirmative action goal which has been promulgated, and

Whereas more participation is needed in the growth, development and implementation of the overall affirmative action plans submitted to the Chancellor's Office,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges amend the Senate Rules to change the name of the Affirmative Action Committee to the Affirmative Action and Cultural Diversity Committee to reflect the added responsibility, to read as follows: Affirmative Action and Cultural Diversity Committee.