State Consultation Process

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Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Whereas AB 1725 (1988) recognized the role of local academic senates to make policy development and implementation recommendations to governing boards on all academic and professional matters and AB 1725 directed the Board of Governors to adopt regulations which reflected this recognition, and

Whereas the Board of Governors, responding to this direction, adopted Sections 53200-53203 of the Education Code to strengthen the role of local academic senates in the governance of colleges and districts by requiring governing boards to "consult collegially" with academic senates, and

Whereas Section 53206 similarly assigns to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges the same rights and obligations at the statewide level regarding consulting collegially with the governing board on academic and professional matters, and

Whereas the present consultation process at the statewide level does not reflect the provisions, spirit, or intent of Sections 53200-53206,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to design a proposal to strengthen the statewide consultation process that is consistent with the provisions of Title 5, Section 53200-53203 and to enter into dialogue with the Board of Governors regarding implementation of this proposal, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to present this proposal and the status of its implementation at a future session.