Strengthening Local Collegial Consultation

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Relations with Local Senates Committee
Local Senates
Status Report

Breakouts are held on an ongoing basis at Session and at Leadership Institute and should continue as an ongoing goal of the Committee. The revised "Empowering Local Senates" handbook was issued in Summer 2002. The committee determined that this best satisfies the need for an informational paper and that portion of the goal is therefore complete.

Whereas, Signed collegial consultation agreements have increasingly been ignored by college administrators and boards of trustees; and

Whereas, Faculty and academic senates are increasingly being marginalized and dismissed;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reaffirm Title 5, Article 2, 53200;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate explore developing an orientation program that informs faculty of their rights and responsibilities as stated in Title 5, Article 2, 53200;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate develop an informational paper on ways to strengthen the role of local senates and that this paper be distributed and discussed at the Faculty Leadership Institute; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate hold a breakout at least once a year to update and educate faculty on governance issues, violations, and solutions to problems dealing with shared governance.