Student Accountability Model Codes - CB09 Revision

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Curriculum Committee
Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Whereas, The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Course Basic Element (CB) 09 is designed to indicate the Career Technical Education (CTE) status of courses and serves to meet the CTE Student Accountability Model (SAM) requirements for various forms of CTE funding that seek to ensure student progress through CTE programs;

Whereas, There are five possible codes for CB09: E - not occupational, D - possibly occupational/introductory, C - clearly occupational, B - advanced occupational, and A - apprenticeship, and the descriptions provided for some levels are so restrictive that users typically do not use them in a way that actually shows CTE students’ progress both within and tangential to CTE programs (e.g. basic skills, fulfilling other degree requirements);

Whereas, Assigning a CB09 code D to a course does not qualify that course as CTE for the purposes of funding and tracking when many of the students enrolled in these courses are CTE students, and assigning code B mandates a requisite or capstone relationship to other CTE courses which imposes an unnecessary reduction in program course-offering flexibility, and assigning code A is restricted to apprenticeship courses when there are many courses that are intended for post-employment/hiring career technical training, all of which lead most faculty to code their courses using CB09 C; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, other system stakeholders, and Strong Workforce partners are currently working with colleges to review and evaluate their CTE course and program coding, as part of the TOP Code Alignment Project, and have identified a need to revise the CB09 code definitions and categories for courses;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with System stakeholders to revise Course Basic Element CB09 definitions and categories to better reflect student progress through CTE programs and into post-hiring training/retraining.