Student Athletes

Resolution Number
Articulation and Transfer
Status Report

The 2004-05 CLFIC found the information not available from the community colleges or the System Office. The 2005-2006 CLFIC requests that this resolution be removed from its purview.

Whereas, The community colleges are committed to help all students whose goals are to transfer to a four-year university to develop their academic potentials by providing necessary resources;

Whereas, Little comprehensive research has been published regarding the academic needs and support systems necessary for the underprepared California community college student athletes;

Whereas, The standards required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Commission on Athletics (COA), and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) exceed community college transfer requirements; and

Whereas, Community College Counselors/Advisors Academic Association (3C4A) has undertaken extensive research relevant to these concerns;

Resolved, That Academic Senate provide a breakout at a future session in which Community College Counselors/Advisors Academic Association for Athletes (3C4A) would share its research that: a) addresses the obstacles and challenges facing student athletes in achieving academic success in relation to earning an associate degree and/or in transferring to a four-year institution; b) identifies the support systems necessary for success; c) explores model support programs; and d) analyzes demographic data and student equity factors relevant to student athletes.