Student Loan Options

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Status Report

Legislation was signed by the President.

Whereas students and recent graduates are acutely aware of rising student debt, and

Whereas consolidation of debts through the direct loan program has been an excellent option for students, and

Whereas students with private loans deserve the same loan consolidation option under the same terms as the direct loan program would offer, and

Whereas there is legislation proposed that will expand the Pell Grant Program to more students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate support Senate Bill 1294 and House Bill 2535 as they exist on October 31, 1997, to aid borrowers who wish to consolidate their educational loans, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the session attendees present to contact Senator Jeffords at (202)224-5141 or email and Representative Goodling at (202) 225-5836 before Tuesday, November 4, 1997, to urge passage of the student loan legislation.