Student Services

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Whereas California Community Colleges play an important role in the state's economic revitalization, and

Whereas more and more adults are returning to community colleges in order to acquire new job skills and for job training and retraining, and

Whereas noncredit students and part-time credit students often do not receive student services available to other California Community College students, and

Whereas we reaffirm the Academic Senate's 1986 Resolution 3.6 on Equal Services,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to prepare, for a future Senate session, a position paper which would consider--among other topics--the following:

1. Existing models of student services available to noncredit students and part/time credit students;

2. Proposed models and guidelines for minimum student services for all students;

3. Services for evening students and students at off campus locations;

4. The relationship between student services and classroom offering limitations;

5. Student services including but not limited to:
a. Library

b. Bookstore

c. Counselin

d. Availability of faculty office hours

e. Student activities

f. Career/job counseling

g. Tutoring