Students in Governance

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Whereas the Board of Governors has adopted regulations strengthening the role of students in governance, as required by AB 1725, and

Whereas students have valuable contributions to make to local governance, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has many past resolutions encouraging student involvement in both local senates and the state senate,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to prepare a position paper on ways to increase the participation of students in governance.
a. Recommendations regarding student involvement with local academic senates and local senate committees;
b. Ways in which local colleges can facilitate student participation in governance by providing secretarial help, office space, telephones, and reimbursement for travel;
c. Ways to increase liaison between students being given ex officio status in local senates and the Academic Senate, as requested by a November 1991 resolution of the CalSACC policy board.