Support for AB 204 (Medina, as of January 23, 2017)

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State and Legislative Issues

Whereas, The implementation of the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act in 2012, enshrined in California Education Code §76300, called for a process that revokes a student’s Board of Governors fee waiver in certain instances where the student fails to meet adequate markers of progress toward completion;

Whereas, The Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012 requires colleges to afford students an appeals process when the fee waiver is revoked but the due process procedures of colleges vary widely across the state;

Whereas, Students in urban centers of the state may elect to enroll at a different community college district and re-apply for a fee waiver to start anew, an opportunity that is not readily available to students in rural areas of the state; and

Whereas, AB 204 (Medina, as of January 23, 2017) seeks to amend California Education Code §76300 to require each community college district to, at least once every three years, examine the impact of specified minimum academic and progress standards and determine whether those standards have a disproportionate impact;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support AB 204 (Medina, as of January 23, 2017) and communicate that support to the legislature and other constituents as appropriate.