Support AB 2767 (Medina, as amended April 4, 2018) California Community Colleges Funding Formula Study

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A letter of support was submitted on May 16, 2018. 

Whereas, The 2018-19 Governor’s Budget for the California Community Colleges (CCC) proposes a radical change to the system’s funding formula that would limit apportionment based on enrollment, provide funding in support for low-income students, and implement performance-based funding to incentivize increasing the number of certificates and degrees awarded [1];

Whereas, The Advisory Workgroup on Fiscal Affairs that advised the California Community College Chancellor’s Office on development of the new funding formula consisted of college chief business officials and did not include faculty, yet Title 5 §53200 states “standards or policies regarding student preparation and success” and “processes for institutional planning and budget development” are “academic and professional matters,” and Title 5 §53206 establishes the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges “so that the community college faculty of California may have a formal and effective procedure for participating in the formation of state policies on academic and professional matters” and “The Board of Governors recognizes the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges as the representative…before the Board of Governors and Chancellor’s Office” [2];

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges opposes incentivized funding as there is little to no scholarly research that indicates performance-based funding increases student success over time, and moreover there is strong evidence that performance-based funding reduces access and opportunity for many students creating greater inequity [3]; and

Whereas, AB 2767 (Medina, as amended April 4, 2018) [4] calls for the Legislative Analyst’s Office to conduct a study of the funding formula used by the California Community Colleges for the 2017–18 fiscal year, submit a report to the Legislature containing its findings from the study, and provide recommendations as to various funding formula models the Legislature may wish to adopt for use by the California Community Colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges support AB 2767 (Medina, as amended April 4, 2018) and communicate that support to the legislature and other constituents as appropriate.


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