Support Funding for Career Pathways and Coordination of Long Range Planning

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
State and Legislative Issues
Update 8/4/15: The ASCCC representatives advocated for the inclusion of the support for and resourcing of structured career pathways in the Workforce Taskforce recommendations to the Board of Governors.

Whereas, Legislators have recognized the importance of improving student transitions from high school to community college, commonly referred to as career pathways, since 2005, which has led to local, regional, and state investments serving middle schools, high schools, and colleges (SB 70, 2005, Scott; SB1070, 2012, Steinberg; AB 86, 2013, Blumenfield; and the California Pathways Trust Fund, 2013-2018); 

Whereas, Funding streams have often been transient and short term, leading to cyclical disruption of establishing and sustaining career pathways and ultimately to disinvestment in many highly successful efforts across the state;

Whereas, Given the likelihood that funding will remain impermanent and episodic, long term coordination requirements must be mandatory and consistent elements of all future funding legislation supporting career pathways to assure long range continuity and consistency and to reduce duplication and unnecessary repetition of effort; and

Whereas, The current legislative intent expressed in SB 66 (Leyva, as of January 7, 2015) seeks to extend California’s investments in career pathways for another undefined short-term period;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support current and future public investments in California high school to community college career pathways; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with interested legislators to include long range goals and resources for coordinating and investing in career pathways at the state level.