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Intersegmental Issues

Whereas, California is currently ranked 46th among the states in per-pupil spending on elementary and secondary education, and even the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has stated publicly that "California schools are not doing what they should to prepare the state's more than 6 million students for a society in which technological advances are occurring at lightening speed and business can be conducted around the clock anywhere in the world." (Education Week, Vol. 25, February 15, 2006, p.18);

Whereas, As educators, community college faculty in California are concerned about the fact that large numbers of high school graduates entering the California community colleges drop out or lower their sights after the first semester, in part due to a lack of sufficient preparation for the transition from high school to college;

Whereas, Adequate numbers of K-12 teachers and K-12 support staff are essential to maintaining an adequate level of public education, and yet massive numbers of teachers and staff across the state are facing layoff notices due to the current budget crisis; and

Whereas, As citizens of the State of California and as educators we share a concern about the future of the state and recognize that a lack of investment in education is likely to result in a decline in economic viability and in the numbers of educated citizenry to participate in the political process of the state, as well as resulting in rising expenditures on prisons (evidenced by the fact that 2008 is the first year in which prison spending outstripped spending on education);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges express its solidarity with its faculty counterparts in K-12 education across the state by opposing layoff notices for K-12 teachers or for community college faculty as an inappropriate and counterproductive response to budget cuts. MSC Disposition: California Department of Education, Local Senates

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This position has been expressed in System discussions of how to address ongoing fiscal issues.