Support of Legislation to Professionalize Part-Time Faculty

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Part of the message taken to local senates during visits as well.  This deals with old legislation.

Whereas, The principles fobs 955 (Burton) and AB 654 (Goldberg) respond to the current economic crisis in the state with broad statements of legislative intent to continue to address the full range of problems caused by the improper use of temporary faculty assignments;

Whereas, The principles of SB 955 (Burton) will reduce the confusion created by the current classification of all faculty with assignments not exceeding 60% of the load of a full-time faculty member as "temporary faculty", freeing districts to integrate part-time faculty more broadly into their academic communities; and

Whereas, The principles of SB 955 (Burton) and AB 654 (Goldberg) will provide a strong foundation for local collective bargaining gains and for future legislation (when there is state funding available) to address the complex problems caused by the overuse of temporary faculty assignments in the California community colleges as discussed in the Academic Senate paper, Part-Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reaffirm its support of legislative efforts to professionalize the employment structures of part-time faculty and integrate such faculty into the broader collegial life of the colleges; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates to pass resolutions of support for such legislative efforts and communicate these resolutions to the appropriate legislative committees and the authors of these bills.