Support Proposition 5 - Indian Gaming

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State and Legislative Issues

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has always been committed to student access and success, and

Whereas Indian Tribal Councils in southern California, such as the Morongo, Soboda, and Pechanga, use funds from gaming to support California community college student access and success, and

Whereas Indian Reservations have legally and historically been under federal jurisdiction and independent of state jurisdiction, and

Whereas Proposition 5 would reaffirm tribal independence and would enable Tribal Councils to fund even more students to attend California community colleges, and the passage of Proposition 5 would help end the long, shameful paternalism of treating indigenous people as incompetent to manage their own affairs, as evident in the anti-Proposition 5 television advisements,

Resolved that the Academic Senate encourage local academic senates to support the concepts in Proposition 5 in the November 1998 election, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate support Indian Tribal self-determination, including their funding of Indian students attending California community colleges, by supporting the concepts as expressed in Proposition 5in the November 1998 election.

Status Report: 

Proposition 5passed but was declared unconstitutional.