A Symbol for Unofficial Withdrawal

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Sheryl Young-Manning
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Status Report

The committee continued the discussion on the issue of a grading symbol other than "W". Discussions included the need for faculty to be able to accurately ascertain student outcomes. When students unofficially withdraw and receive an F, outcome data is inaccurately affected to reflect failures. A document prompting multiple and complex issues to be surfaced, including but not limited to late drop dates, financial aid implications, and the effect on the GPA was developed. The document titled "Toward Accurate Student Performance Evaluation: Symbol for Unofficial Withdrawal" was developed and forwarded to the Spring Session where it was adopted. A consultation digest item recommending to the Board of Governors the addition of the symbol of "FW" to grading policies will be forwarded to the Consultation Council at the first meeting of the new fiscal year.

Whereas an "F" does not accurately represent the performance of a student who has stopped attending a class as opposed to trying and failing to succeed in the class, and

Whereas in order to properly evaluate student success, this distinction needs to be clearly made,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges seek changes in Title 5 grading policies and procedures to allow for an evaluative symbol other than an "F" indicating an unofficial withdrawal by the student after the drop date, such symbol to be computed in the G.P.A. as 0 points, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to local senates that this symbol would be used in situations where there is not enough data to assign a conventional grade.

M/S/C Disposition: Board of Governors, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Local Senates, CIOs