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The resolution is moot as the Senate leadership continues to advocate for possible solutions to current funding challenges including exploring alternative proposals.

Whereas, The fiscal crisis in California threatens the future of California community colleges as never before;

Whereas, Budget shortfalls at the system, district, and college level threaten the ability of California community colleges to fulfill even their core missions as envisioned in the 1960 Master Plan;

Whereas, Meeting the challenges posed by the current fiscal crisis will require collaboration and creativity on the scale of that which led to the development and passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 1725 (1989); and

Whereas, The need for faculty leadership and coordinated advocacy on behalf of California community colleges is greater than ever before;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reach out to other leadership groups, including but not limited to the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, statewide faculty unions, and administrative groups, to communicate its concerns regarding the fiscal crisis of its colleges to state political leaders and others;

Resolved, that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges initiate a conversation about “outside the box” ideas for addressing the fiscal and planning challenges facing the California community colleges; and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges explore all possible alternatives for making the case for adequately funding the California community colleges to the Legislature and the people of California.

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