Timely Notification of Changes to Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Narratives and Templates

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This resolution establishes a position of the Senate that will be communicated with constituent groups as necessary.

Whereas, The Transfer Model Curricula (TMCs) are meant to prepare a student to transfer from any California Community College to any campus in the California State University system;

Whereas, Many degrees based on TMCs may not provide adequate or correct preparation for transfer for many reasons, including, but not limited to: they may not include all of the required coursework; they provide admission advantages to less academically prepared students; they may make it difficult or impossible for a college to create an aligned degree with existing curriculum; they will not provide significant change in access to impacted majors at CSU campuses because CSUs both retain priority access for local service area students and are allowed to create less rigorous and less desirable majors designated for TMC students only; they may be established for majors in which few or no students transfer from the college to the CSU system (see Appendix 9.08);

Whereas, Questions exist regarding the integrity of the review process for newly submitted TMC degrees; and

Whereas, It is the responsibility and authority of the faculty at the community colleges to determine appropriate curriculum for degrees and certificates offered locally at each community college (AB 1725), and to plan and implement authentic program assessment for their local community colleges (ACCJC standards);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges affirm that faculty may choose to offer degrees in disciplines where transfer model curriculum exists, but that are not aligned with transfer model curriculum.