Title 5 Associate Degree Requirements

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Whereas, Title 5 55805.5 allows fulfillment of mathematics and English Associate Degree requirements with high school level mathematics and English courses;

Whereas, English and mathematics faculty wish to examine and discuss possible changes to the relevant Title 5 language;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is the body responsible for recommending such changes; and

Whereas, Every other discipline requirement for the associate degree is a collegiate level transfer course;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate plan a breakout session for the Spring 2002 Plenary Session to discuss changing the Title 5 language to include only collegiate level transferable mathematics and English courses to fulfill associate degree requirements for mathematics and English.

Status Report: 

The committee reviewed the work done by the 02-03 committee and completed a paper; the first draft is being read at Exec June 2004. It is expected that the paper will be published in Fall 04. The committee held two Curriculum Colloquia in Feb. 2004 to gather widespread input and encourage discussions.